Yaa Jackson Gets Ghanaians Talking For $mok!ng Shisha In A New Video

Actress turned musician, Yaa Jackson has got a lot of Ghanaians talking with her current habit. Many people did not buy the idea of she venturing into music in relation to how suddenly her attitude changed especially her dressing.

The “tear rubber” hitmaker and daughter of popular Kumawood movie producer Jackson K Bentum has concluded in telling Ghanaians she is only not good when it comes to acting and music but also good in smoking in a fresh video. Looking at the way smoke was coming out from her nose indicates she is good at it.



The young Ghanaian celebrity a number of times have seen playing the role of an innocent child in movies. But that didn’t inspire in real life.  Everything shows she just acts in movies as an innocent person but showcase different lifestyles in real life. Her lifestyle totally differentiates from the one we see on television.

The new video circulating online is receiving unpleasant reactions from social media users. The actress cum musician could be seen sitting comfortably in a sofa with her hands held firmly to the Shisha inhaling it’s flavor with smoke making it’s way through her nose.

Watch video below.


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