You Should Have Boiled The Egg For Yourself And Eat-Twene Jonas Blasts Man Who Cursed Him

Twene Jonas has finally given a feed back to an alleged ashtown guy who had invoke curse on him. Jonas is known to be one of the few Ghanaians living abroad acting as activist. His criticism on poor leadership from Ghanaian authorities landed him in hot waters. This was after one of his videos went viral allegedly insulting the paramount chief of the Ashanti region.

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Jonas in his recorded videos often use harsh words on Ghanaian leaders for not performing well with their task. But after news went viral that he had insulted Otumfuo Osei Tutu, some people were not happy with Jonas. They started invoking curses on him and among this people was a gentleman who in a video cursed Jonas with a raw egg mentioning the name of one popular deity.

However, Twene Jonas hasn’t been moved by the curse of this man. But he rather replied the man by telling him it would have been better, if he had boiled the egg because he (Jonas) sees him as one who lacks protein (Kwashiorkor). Furthermore, Jonas in other videos disclosed that, his insults weren’t directed to Otumfo but rather his sub chiefs. This was because they engage themselves in selling lands for people for the sake of mining.

The likes of Captain Smart and other people have backed Jonas to be harsh on the leaders since they believe that being hard on them will let them give an ear to the plaea of the citizens.

Watch the full video here:


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