10 Photos of Shemima Drops After Causing Confusion On TV3 Date Rush

Shemima was one of the female Contestants who was searching for love on last night Episode 6 of Season 5 of TV3 Date Rush. She is also an Entrepreneur and a video vixen as shown on Shemima’s instagram page.

Shemima Date Rush caused a lot of traffic online with her heavy “tundra” body. So far from the previous Episodes we’ve watch, she is the first female on the show to have such a heavy backside and other features as well.

At the end of the show, Shemima, whose real name is Shemima Hawa Adam chose Ali to be her date. This got lovers of TV3 Date Rush wondering if he can handle her. Out of the ten guys who were competing to get Shemima, she chooses Ali. At the beginning of the show she said she had a crush on him.

Shemima made all the male contestant very confused looking at their reactions. There were also many funny comments passed unto social media.

Shemima has proven to be naturally well endowed. Below are 10 Photos of Shemima that’s has drop after causing Confusion on last night episode of TV3 Date Rush.


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