5 Fresh Pictures of Ima Date Rush

Have you seen Ima of Date Rush recently? If you haven’t then here are some lovely pictures of Ima Date Rush to take a glance at.

Ima Date Rush was one of the male characters who showed up at the season 5 of date rush show. He finally got a date as well and her name was Frema.

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Despite he not been a Ghanaian, he was given the chance to partake and find love as the show doesn’t discriminate and have given the chance to other nationalities who also deserve to find love.

He is a brand influencer, content creator, actor, model and footballer. Ima Date Rush has very beautiful pictures that most ladies can’t stop commenting on.

One such previous participant or rush is Ima. On first sight, people described him as a “halfco” meaning someone who has both Ghanaian descent and other foreign countries. This is due to his curly hair and fair complexion or colour.

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His first appearance during the fourth episode caused massive stir online. Almost all females had a crush on him due to his handsome appearance. Interesting, right?

Check out some of his “hot” pictures.

Pictures Of Ima Date Rush Pictures Of Ima Date Rush Pictures Of Ima Date Rush Pictures Of Ima Date Rush


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