Ali of Date Rush Express His Unconditional Love To Shemima (VIDEO)

Ali of Date Rush doesn’t seem letting go off Shemima anytime soon. Despite rumours of him running away from her anytime she visits but still sticks around.

From the look of things, the two are having a good time. The two have got the masses on social media astonished in a recent video making rounds on online.

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Ali, who is probably the most admired male from date rush went on his knees in the video to express his unconditional love to Shemima Date Rush.

He made it known to Shemima that the love he has for her is Unconditional and that he can even love her more than he loves his mother.

His statement made is what has surprised lots of followers of the date rush show online. You can also play and watch this video below and tell us your thoughts on what he said.

Watch full video here;


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