Amerado Apologizes To Shatta Bandle For Using Him To ‘Punch’ Lyrical Joe

Ghanaian rapper Amerado Burner, in an interview has apologized to Shatta Bandle for the using him in his rap line to throw shot at Lyrical Joe.

Amerado Burner and Lyrical Joe were nothing trending few weeks ago when they started throwing shots at each other. It was through their beef, Shatta Bandle was involved in one of Amerado’s beef songs.

However, Shatta Bandle who wasn’t with what Amerado did, cans out with a video to jab the rapper. He was happy when he got involved in the feud between Amerado and Lyrical Joe.

In Amerado’s ‘Sin No More’ diss song, he compared Lyrical Joe’s streams to the teeth of Shatta Bandle. Shatta Bandle became very furious for his name appearing in the diss song and did a video to jab the rapper.

To bring peace, Amerado has rendered an apologies to the self-acclaimed billionaire for involving and mentioning his name his the diss song. On last night’s episode of UTV’s United, the rapper apologized to Shatta Bandle.

He said,

“I want to say a big sorry to you, big bro. I know I’m taller than you but you’re older than I am. Please, forgive me,” Amerado said.


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