Aunty Ewurama, The Beautiful Wife of Osei Kwame Despite

Most people have been wondering who has been the woman behind the success story of Osei Kwame Despite. It’s very rear seeing her wife with him as she doesn’t like to be in News. Well, if you don’t know who the wife of Osei Kwame Despite is, there you are in the right article.

Aunty Ewurama is the wife of Ghanaian businessman and philanthropist, Osei Kwame Despite. She has been the pillar  behind the success of this great personality. As the saying goes, “behind the success of man, there is always a woman”.

She is not mostly seen in the public space as maybe she love to keep her life private.

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Did you know she is the second wife to Kwame Despite and mother of Kennedy? Well, if you had no knowledge of this then you are told now. Kennedy is the one who got married to Tracy and have twins.

Check out photos of the beautiful wife below;


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