Bella Date Rush Drops New Stunning Photos On Instagram

Bella of Date Rush was one of the popular female contestants on TV3 Date Rush. She joined the show on season 4 and 5, which is currently at its reunion stage. Bella is one of the beautiful ladies among the contestants on the show.

Bella upon joining season 5 of Date Rush had a date in the person of Kodak. The two have been seen sharing a couple of photos together. But much is not know about how far they are going till next episode of Date Rush Reunion.

Bella of Date Rush is a model, brand influencer, actress and social media personality. She loves to share her photos of social media and flaunt her beauty. Hence, given her much followers on her Instagram page with over 100K followers.

Her Instagram page is flooded with new lovely photos that fans can’t take their eyes off. She posted more of her usual photos as a normal routine she does.

Indeed, her beauty is exceptional and these photos are massively causing stir on the internet.

Bella is really gaining a lot of reactions on her new photos on her Instagram page. She wrote; “We don’t have but they envy, we don’t eat any better food but they envy, we look good and they wonder how, they always see us smile smile 😊 and they keep wondering 😂😂😂😂God NO GO SHAME US”

Below are the new photos on her Instagram page;


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