Benita And Hayford Go Shopping For Foodstuffs On Their First Date, Their Photos And Video Sparks Reactions Online

A few days after Benita and Hayford won each other’s hearts on the love-finding show TV3 Date Rush, the two decided to do something extraordinary on their first date.

The latest ‘couple’ of TV3 Date rush, Benita and Hayford, have sparked reactions on social media with their latest photos and video on their first date as they were shopping for foodstuffs in the market together.

In the photos and video, which have gone viral on social media, Hayford, who Benita chose as her date, was busily walking her from one seller to another and paying for items they needed for that delicious food they were going to prepare.

The two also gave the impression that they were going to go far with their relationship looking at how they were publicly expressing their love for each other.

See the photos and video below.

Read some of the reactions from fans of the Tv3 date rush and the two personalities below.
@stanleychrist5 Everyone deserves love ampa
@fhearnot_officialgh Eii Another #daterush record has been set😂😂😂😂🔥
@ theniche_fashionstore Hayford is very handsome
@tina_thom7 Upcoming Celebrities😂😂
@yolanda.amina This guy really want fame in Ghana😂. He totally don’t love her he’s jxt tryna maker her happy small


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