Benita Johnson: 28-Year-Old Diminutive Nigerian Lady Finds Love On TV3’s Date Rush

Benita is a 28-year-old diminutive Nigerian Lady who appeared on TV3’s Date Rush hoping to find a soul mate.

A few weeks after being on the show Benita, a very confident lady, finally got herself a date on Date Rush Season 7 Episode 10, on Sunday, June 19, 2022.

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Benita was allowed to choose her type of guy from ten handsome and unique guys who were also searching for a date on Sunday’s episode.

She chose Hayford, one of the fine gentlemen, after asking him and one other guy if they were ready to forgo sex in their relationship since she disclosed in her profile that she is still a virgin and would like to maintain till she is married.

Hayford’s answer caught the attention of the beautiful lady Benita as she began dancing with him and went off the stage with him.

Watch a video of this moment below.


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