Black Is Beautiful: Hajia Bintu Looks Irresistible In Black Outfit (Photos)

Black is indeed beautiful. The dark skin is one skin complexion that is arguably very attractive.

It’s no surprise when most men yearn to go on dates with dark skinned complexion women. In Ghana, it’s very common meeting a lot of dark skinned ladies around. The likes of Fella Makafui, Martha Ankomah, Nana Aba, just to mention a few are some of the popular dark skinned celebrities in Ghana.

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Our attention is on our very own female social media personality and brand influencer, Hajia Bintu. What makes her side more interesting and attractive is how her dark skin matches with her outfit. Undoubtedly, “black is indeed beautiful”.

Hajia Bintu whose real name is Naomi Asiamah, is a Ghanaian tiktok star, brand influencer, make-up artist and a model. Bintu is one of the most curvaceous, heavily endowed and beautiful women in Ghana.

She is one of the talented and amusing tiktok stars as well. Hajia Bintu has over 818,000 followers on Instagram. She is loved by many of her fans.

These fans of hers do not hesitate to react anytime they come across the beautiful photos and videos of their favorite personality. Looking at Hajia Bintu’s pictures you can tell she is dark and beautiful.

We will share with you some pictures of Hajia Bintu happily flaunting her beautiful black skin.

Have a look at these elegant pictures of Hajia Bintu that prove that indeed, black is beautiful;


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