Checkout More “Save the Date” Photos of Fatima And Bismarck

Fatima and Bismarck appear to be having a good time together since the day one of finding each other.

It’s appears there is some good news gradually emerging from their camp. Looking at recent photos shared to fans on social media, there is a reason to think that something good is coming.

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Will they be the first to get married from date rush? Many people are of the opinion that the reality show is stages and won’t lead to anything beneficial?

Fatima and Bismarck from the season 5 of TV3 date rush keeps teasing followers with some good looking photos together.

Moreover, the current ones shared by Fatima herself on Instagram, have got many people wondering. She captioned “save the date”. Are we truly going to experience a first date rush marriage.

See more of the “save the date” photos of Fatima and Bismarck of date rush beneath;


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