Chelsea FC, Reece James Sadly Reveals How Robbers Broke Into His House For His Champions League Medal And Other Honorary Medals

Chelsea and England football star, Reece took to his instagram page to open up on how a group of robbers broke into his house to make away important items in his absence.

In the shared post, he revealed that, on 14th of September 2021 when his club team was playing, a group of cowardly robbers managed to lift a heavy safe containing jewelleries of his.

These included the champions league medal, super cup medals and the runners up medal for the Euro England 2020 which shows he represented his club team and national team.

Furthermore, in his post, he appealed to his Chelsea fans and England fans to help identify and turn in the individuals who did the unexpected. Also, he added that the police, advisers and Chelsea fc are behind to find out who the perpetrators are.


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