Meet Enock Darko, the Young Ghanaian Actor Making Waves In Nollywood

Enock Darko, a bright and young Ghanaian actor, has been making waves in the Nollywood film industry in Nigeria. For many of us, we know that he had entered a competition for talented children on TV3 Ghana. He has been involved as a comedian. Since then, he has made a name for himself in the Ghanaian film industry as shown on Television. This includes “Devil Under My Pillow” and Ghanaian films.

Enock Darko
Enock Darko

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At one point, not much was seen about him in the role of Ghanaian movies. But down there, look, he was playing the role of movies in the Nollywood film industry in Nigeria. Many Ghanaians saw this and applauded her for her good deeds. In Nigeria, he has associated with many of the top actors and actors in their movie industry. Also, he has won other awards in the movie industry that he finds himself in, even though he has been in the industry for a few years.

Enock Darko

He has really shown Ghanaian talent to the Nigerian people and was not only the actor who has appeared in movies in Nollywood but also the best actors and actors in Ghana still working in the Nollywood film industry.



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