From Grass To Grace: Hilarious Throwback Photos Of Some Prominent Pastors in Ghana

Some Ghanaian pastors and their throwback photos

Ghana is blessed with many prominent pastors, including Dr. Mensa Otabil, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, Rev. Sam Korankye-Ankrah, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, and Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare. Listening to stories shared by some of these prominent pastors in Ghana about their lifestyles in the past is intriguing. Looking at where they have been able to reach in life shows how they have been uplifted from Grass to Grace.

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From Grass To Grace: Hilarious Throwback Photos Of Some Prominent Pastors in Ghana
Some Prominent Pastors in Ghana.

In addition, some of these pastors have come out to share with the public how things were for them growing up and how they got into their ministries. Also, many of them didn’t have a smooth transition, but with God, all things are possible.

However, this comes as motivation to many youngsters who see them as their mentors and look up to become like these Men of God. In this article, Edem Trends Gh will share with you some throwback of these prominent Men of God.

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Here are some of their throwback photos;

  • Dr. Mensa Otabil

Mensah Otabil throwback photo

  • Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

Dag Heward-Mills throwback photo

  • Rev. Sam Korankye-Ankrah

Sam Korankye Ankrah throwback photo

  • Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams

Archbishop Duncan Williams throwback photo

  • Archbishop Charles Agyinasare
Archbishop Charles Agyinasare throwback photo
Archbishop Charles Agyinasare and his wife.

These prominent Ghanaian pastors have really come far looking at these throwback photos of them. Well done Men of God.



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