Ghanaians Descend On Bongo Ideas For Making This Claim About Bridget Otoo

gGhanaian journalist and her husband got married few days ago and since then there have rumors all over social media.

According to Bongo Ideas, he observed something during their marriage and shared it on social media. However, some Ghanaians have gone wild at young man after making such speculation.

Albert Nat Hyde, popularly also Bongo Ideas boldly claimed that the newly wedded Bridget Otoo is pregnant and she is trying to use marriage to cover it up.

According to Bongo Ideas, looking keenly at the dress, the mannerism of Mrs Bridget and the uneasiness of the groom during the wedding ceremony, it is clear that the couple are probably getting married as a coverup. This was posted on his Twitter platform and his blogging site as well.

He added that, he is not the only one who has noticed, many experienced eyes have paid critical attention to the pictures from the marriage and have said “Bridget Otoo is pregnant.”

However, as of now, there is no empirical evidence to support this rumor or claim.

Bongo Ideas is popularly known for his criticism on social media. This time most Ghanaians didn’t take it likely with him as many have bashed him for making such speculation.

It was divided reactions as some were supporting his claim while others heavily descended on him for making such a claim without any evidence.

Below are some massive responses to the Bongo Ideas’ post.


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