Ghana’s History: Meet Ghana’s Past and Late President, Who Had 8 Wives and 18 Children

Ghana’s History: Meet Ghana’s Past and Late President, Who Had 8 Wives and 18 Children

Ghana’s History: Meet Ghana’s Past and Late President, Who Had 8 Wives and 18 Children

During the era when Ghana gained independence, Ankrah became the nation’s first Military official. He was also the first African camp commandant at Army headquarters. The first African officer of the Ghana Army and also the first African soldier to command an all-African company in a former British colony.

Lt. General Joseph Ankrah
Lt. General Joseph Ankrah in Uniform.

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Following the overthrow of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Lt. General Joseph Ankrah was made ruler of Ghana. Osagyefo Dr. Kwame was the first President in Ghana’s history. He was among the group that fought for independence for the country on March 6, 1957.

Lt. General Joseph Ankrah was Ghana’s first military president in 1966. He was in power from February 24, 1966, to April 2, 1969, before being overthrown.

The former president was born on August 18, 1915 in Accra. Joseph Ankrah was born to a Ga family of Samuel Paul Cofie Ankrah (Father) and Beatrice Abashie Quaynor (Mother). His father was an overseer for the Christian Missionary Society, while his Mother was a trader.

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The former president and Lt. General is notably recognized by historians to have married 8 women during his era. This history isn’t based on his work as a president or military personnel but on his personal life.

However, from such a history, we can notice the former president had a good time on Earth. With 8 women, he bore 18 children.

In Ghana’s history, he is the only president to have set such a record.

Positions Held

Aside from the presidency and the military, he was also the Chairman of the National Liberation Council. He was also the Chairperson of the Organisation of African Unity from February 24, 1966 to November 5, 1966. All these positions were during his era as president.

Educational Background

He started his education in 1921 at Wesleyan Methodist School in Accra. He later went to Accra Academy in 1932, where he was recognized as a good football player. Ankrah gained the Senior Cambridge School Certificate in 1937 and then joined the Ghana Civil Service.

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Ankrah was the first-ever President of the Council of Patrons of Accra Hearts of Oak S.C. He was in charge of the football club for a long time.


  1. Please cross check your records, he couldn’t started school in 1992 and continued on 1932…I mean his educational background. Thanks. Good to know all of this history, God bless you.


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