Ghost Are Chasing Me-Kumawood Actor Who Celebrated His Birthday At The Cemetary Cries Out

Kumawood actor who used the Cemetary as the venue for his birthday celebration has come out to spill what he is currently facing.

The actor named Nkrumah has indicated that ghosts are now after him and he thinks it is because of the venue he chose for the celebration of his special day.

Speaking with Gh Page, he revealed that the idea was orchestrated by his producer and the intention was to remind people of their inevitable end.

Detailing his current strange situation, he said “When I sleep, I feel I have left my body, and someone is leading me back into my room.

I hear noises like someone shaking my door, trying to open it. Sometimes feels like someone is relentlessly looking for me, calling out my name.

This morning, someone opened my door and said come along, they are waiting for us. When I opened my curtains, I saw two people standing outside with their backs facing me. So I have called my pastor, but he’s not picking up my calls”.

Despite all what he is going through, the actor said he hasn’t regretted for choosing the cemetery as a location for the birthday because it was a message they were trying to send across.

Watch the video here


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