GMB 2021: Volta Region’s Setor Wins The Star Performer of the Night

The search for Ghana’s most beautiful Queen has begun with 16 contestants from all regions across the country.

It is everyone’s hope to see her region take the crown. The ladies have been very enthusiastic and hardworking but the fact remains the same only a single person goes home with the crown.

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Last night being the second night of performance, the Volta Region contestant setor, enthralled the judges and audience with her performance on myths surrounding mental illness and traditional medicine in her region.

This got her the star performance for the night, other awards of the night included most eloquent mfodwo and well dressed being Teroo.

Does this mean setor stands a great chance for the crown? Well let’s see us the long weeks of performances unfold.

This year’s theme is “rediscovering true beauty” .

Hope you enjoyed last time performances as the ladies gave our their best to entertain you.


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