“I’m going to make Jesus jealous” – Moesha Buduong (Video)

Born-again Moesha Buduong has announced her on social media once again with a message. Moesha have been off social media temporarily as we often see her post once a while.

She has also disclosed her repentance and described herself as born-again.
She comes back on social media with a different brand claiming to be winning souls for God and whatever she does now is the direction from God.

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In this new video, Moesha, she was spotted looking beautiful dressed and disclosed that she was going out with a good male friend to make Jesus Christ jealous.

“I’m going to be a fabulous woman of god who supports her friend and loves music. I’m going to sing to glorify the name of god. I am on my way for dinner with a very good friend of mine and you guys will see our videos all over the internet. He loves me. I’m going to make Jesus jealous” she said.


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