Interesting: Two Men Spotted Pounding “Fufu” On Water (Video)

These days, almost everything that happens seem to be normal. The kinds of photos and videos that circulate on social media can sometimes be confusing, funny and unbelievable.

Some of these photos as well as videos serve as a quick way to get over stress, worries and problems.

Others become too confusing and unbelievable that they become subject to all manner of questions.

Well, we are here to share with you a certain video making rounds on social media. We can’t tell whether it’s funny or confusing and unbelievable one.

In this video, you can see two men pounding fufu. It is not a “crime” to see men pounding fufu so that is not even the problem. What makes the video a surprising one is where these men are pounding the fufu.

Looking at the video, these men are pounding the fufu on water. You cannot really tell if it’s at the beach or something of that sort. They are really being serious about the food and even protecting it from the waves.

You can have a view of some of the pictures

Watch the video below;

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