KiDi and Kuami Eugene Lookalikes Break Silence on the Accusations Against Them (Video)

KiDi and Kuami Eugene’s lookalikes have previously been hit with allegations of performing at events in the names of their original lookalikes. The news which broke out unto the Internet has been settled by the two people involved.

The lookalikes of KiDi and Kuami Engene have also addressed issues for clarification sake and all the accusations leveled against them.

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Speaking during an interview session with Dek360, the lookalikes said they have never performed in the names of their originals, thus Kumai Eugene and KiDi.

According to them, they are been forced to perform during events when people present notice they are the lookalikes of Kuami Eugene and KiDi.

At the end, all what they were trying to say was that they have never performed in the James or representatives of Kuami Eugene and KiDi.

Watch the video below to know more…


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