Kwesi Arthur Gets Dragged By His Father Into A Barbering Shop For A Neat Haircut (Video)

The bond between Kwesi Arthur and his father is not ending anytime soon from the look of things.

While some parents give up on the lifestyle of their wards immediately they turn out to be a star, Kwesi Arthur’s father seems not to be ready in retiring over the watch of his son’s lifestyle.

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A video making waves on the internet gives a clarity of the father and son encounter at the Barbering shop. In the video which has gained marvelous attention, Kwesi Arthur was spotted in a chair getting his hair trimmed.

While on the other side was his father who was also sitting comfortably in a sofa chair to see to it that his son gets the kind of hairstyle he the father wants.

The last time the father of the Ghanaian rapper came into the news was wayback 2019 when he asked his son to unbraid his locks and trim it down because of the faith they belong to.

But no one ever thought he would go this far of guarding his son to get a clean shave in a barbering shop.

Watch the video below.


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