Lady Cries Like A Baby After Her Braided Hair Left Her In Severe Pains

Braiding of the hair has been one of the ways ladies keep themselves beautiful. Some prefer to use their natural hair while others decide to use artificial to braid the hairstyle they desire.

A lady in a video was trying to get herself look simple and nice by braiding her hair. She chose corn roll hair style but got herself into trouble after the hairstyle was completed in the salon.

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There are several hairstyles you will see in a salon or even be introduced by the hairstylist. This include pony, rasta, dread, corn roll among others but once you make your choice, you get it. The best hairstyle that will make you look pretty. But with the case of this lady, things got worse for her after her choice of hairstyle.

From all angles, you can easily identify that was her first time of choosing the corn roll style of hair. The braided hair caused the young lady to cry bitterly indicating she feels hurt in the salon.

The video which is gradually getting attention from social media users is overwhelming. However, her gender expresses how painful this particular hairstyle she chose is. Some shared their experience of how the hairstyle landed them into the hospital due to severe headache and sore throat.

Watch video below;


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