Lady Disgraces Boyfriend After He Refused to Pay for the Food of Her 18 Friends (Video)

In every relationship, it is assumed that men are responsible for the financial aspects. Due to that, most of the ladies do not appreciate their men’s efforts. Some ladies have in mind that it is the man responsible for taking care of her in the relationship; therefore, they won’t even support their man in any financial aspect.

Many social media men weren’t happy when they came across a certain video online. A video of a birthday lady has got many people, especially the men on social media, talking after she was spotted disgracing her boyfriend in front of her friends.

According to sources, the birthday lady got angry after her boyfriend refused to pay for the food of her 18 friends she invited over to her birthday party.

Due to this, the lady was seen shouting and arguing with her boyfriend as well as disgracing him in front of her 18 friends.

Watch the video here


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