Man Nearly ‘Scam’ Stonebwoy At Fuel Station In Accra

1 Gad, also known as Stonebwoy has shared an encounter he wasn’t ready to meet up with. Narrating his surprising story, he began by telling how a man he never knew anything about approached him at a filling station where he was filling his car with fuel.

The man knowing the identity of the musician started with how he once saw the putuu hitmaker with a popular Nigerian singer having a video shoot in Nigeria. This opened up the conversation between the two to extend of asking Stonebwoy to fill his car because he has a shortage of fuel and money pointing to a car with his family seated in.

Stonebwoy revealed he assisted him but half of what he asked. However, the man was looking fresh and with a huge customized car. He disclosed in the video that the man came to him for the second time demanding for physical cash on top of the fuel.

The ‘nominate’ hitmaker then told him he had no physical cash on him. And he is yet to pay his with a card thinking that might push him away. To his amazement, the guy insisted the Bhim nation president send the money through momo.

Out of anger, Stonebwoy advised him to be content with what he did for him. Stonebwoy also in the video stated he doesn’t know whether he did right or he has been scammed by this man.

Watch the video below;



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