Meet Lhogy, An Upcoming Artist Whose Funny Videos Is Causing Laughter On Social Media

Lhogy is a Ghanaian upcoming musician and a new internet sensation whose funny videos has been the talk on the internet few weeks after breaking onto it.

Lots of social media users who have come across videos of Lhogy posted by different peoplei online have expressed their joy with written comments showing how they like his craft and how he makes them laugh uncontrollably.

As well, some media houses and celebrities also have been a fan of this new internet sensation, and a number of them has shared videos on their various media platforms and social media statuses respectively.

But for a fact, there are some of us who have no idea Lhogy is an upcoming musician too aside his funny videos he does.

He has worked on a number of songs which he has made into an EP titled “Powerful” and this he has shared a cover photo of on his Instagram page.

Watch some of the funny videos of the new Ghanaian internet sensation and upcoming musician Lhogy below;


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