Meet The Ghanaian Leader Who Could Stop Rain From Falling

Many are familiar with this story but those who have never heard or read about it may see this as a cock and bull story. The story revolving the leader was only not told by grandparents alone but as at now our wards are been taught the story by their teachers.

According to oral history, this wasn’t the only wonders that was displayed. The leader was born to parents from Awukugua in the Eastern region. Their names were Agya Annor(father) and Maame Nkobe(mother).

The leader was born Kwame Agyei Frimpong but changed to Okomfo (fetish priest) Anokye because he was destined to be a fetish priest. At the time of his birth he had an amulet in his hand which no one was able to take away. He became a close friend of Asantehene Osei Tutu I helping him to build the Asante Empire.

Today Okomfo Anokye is regarded as one of the greatest Ashanti traditional leaders. Aside him preventing rain from falling during a festival, he was able to come out from a room which was locked. Also he hit an unboiled egg against a war without it cracking and created the “Oware” game as well.

Note: There are several wonders he performed too


  1. As an EƲE is it your father or mother who told you that Okomfo Anokye was an Akan.
    The man is an EƲE and happens to be the Twin brother of Torgbui Tsali.

    Akans say EƲE are idol worshippers & are Juju loving people, I want to ask them to tell us the Bible verse, the so called Anokye used to bring down the so called Golden Stool!


    • It’s very sad that edemtrends don’t understand the story from his own land or probably he wasn’t born or haven’t being there before the name Anokye is an ewe name and it’s a landscape name in Togo even in Jamaica we were thought this story in the Africa History Class


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