Meet The Man Who Lives His Life With An Artificial Heart In His Bag

There is a statement which says “all fingers are not the same”. This depicts that in life your situation may differ from another.

And that is what one Mr Andrews Jones is experiencing. His story of how he lives his daily life differs from the way majority of us live ours yet happy. While most people live by their heart in the circulatory system, the case of this young man is not so.

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The 28 years old Andrews Jones goes about doing his activities with an artificial heart in his bag. It appears that every movement the gentleman does involves his bag being it visiting the washroom or
else where.

However users of the internet after coming across the photos and brief fact about the young man see his situation to be very risky. Some from their views indicated a thieve may think he has money in his bag anytime he goes to town so for that matter, his bag can be pulled.


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