Meet The Queen Who Made Men Catch A Live Lion Anytime They Disrespect Their Wives

Dode Also was the grand daughter of Wettey who was the leader of the Obutu (Awutu) in Ghana. Dode Akaibi got married to Mampon Okai also known as Dua Kwei. Mampon Okai was the king of the Ga when he married Dode Akaibi.

This led to a good relationship between the Awutu and the Ga. Mampon Okai was murdered in 1642. Dode Akaibi took over the kinship because her son was too young to rule. She was the first female king of Ga and is believed to be the one who produced the custom of sitting on stools as Kings.

She changed the method of administration of the kinship in the Ga state. Before then, the spiritual leader(wulomo) was also the administrative head of the Ga. She ensured the separation of the kingdom from the wulomo.

She never a ruler with authority without the Wulomo and trained alot of warriors to fight in many wars. Dode Akaibi banned men from calling their wives ‘f0ols’ (bulu). If any man did so, he would be made to catch a live lion.

Her treatment to the men which was known to be harsh led her to be buried alive. She was succeeded by her son(Okai Kwei).


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