Meet The Wife Of Jordan Ayew

It seems most people don’t know much about the wife of Jordan Ayew. Watching closely, Jordan Ayew enjoys having a private family life. He is currently married to a wonderful Ghanaian woman and they both have so far produced two offspring together.

Jordan Ayew’s wife is called Denise Acquah, but because she is married to the Ghanaian footballer, her surname has changed to Ayew. Though we don’t have much information about the wife of Jordan Ayew, we will share with you the little we have gathered about her.

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Who is Denise Acquah?

Denise Acquah is an entrepreneur, a mother of two kids, and a wife. She is the owner of Kira Living in Ghana, a company that deals in everything home decor. Denise established Kira Living as a pop-up store in December 2017 and later on added online services later after she perceived an increase in her buyers.

How old is Jordan Ayew Wife?

Jordan Ayew’s wife celebrated her 30th birthday on 24th June 2021, and we saw photos of her with family and friends from the birthday party being organized for her. She was born on June 24, 1991, and is currently 30 years old.

How many children does Denise Acquah have?

She is the mother of two young ones, a female and a male. Her daughter Ranzan Ayew is her first and her son Kiki Ayew is the second.

Denise Acquah Instagram



Let’s have a quick look at some pictures of Denise Acquah with her family below. We will keep updating this article with more information about her once we get them.


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