Moment Ruth of Date Rush Fell Off Stage (VIDEO)

A video trending on social media showing how Ruth, fell off the stage. This was after she was returning to his seat during the season’s first reunion. The date Rush contestant who tried her luck on several occasions but failed to grab a date.

The incident happened when Ruth was called on stage to present evidences of contestants who cheated on their dates.

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She went up the stage to show the evidence she had on her phone, to Giovanni, host of the show. While returning to her seat, she got soo infuriated as the guy denied the allegations. Ruth also went on to insult him as been ‘foolish’ which wasn’t a good thing of her.

Finally, descending the stairs to her seat, she twisted her legs and fell off leaving the audience laughing hilariously. They claimed it was the law of karma that acted on her.

Watch video below;


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