More Pictures Released from Wedding Of Kalybos and Ahoufe Patricia, A Stunt or Real?

Kalybos and Ahoufe Patricia gives the impression of playing with the minds of Ghanaians. Many people have taken it to be a joke but each day comes another surprise.

Whether or not the two are pulling a publicity stunt for a movie or have really gotten married, one cannot confirm at the moment. As time goes on, we will get to know the truth behind all this.

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They have been in the trends for days now and still trending with these wedding photos. Kalybos and Patri have been good friends since they started working on Boys Kasa comedy skit.

From the previous days, Ghanaian comic actor Kalybos gave a hint of a wedding between himself and screen goddess Priscilla Opoku Agyeman better known as Ahoufe Patricia.

Truly, the next day we saw some wedding photos making rounds on social media. These photos were shared by the two on Instagram revealing to the general populace they have gotten married.

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More of these photos has been released after the real or not real wedding. You can have a glance at them below.


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