My Zongo Behavior Will Surface If Any Lady Dare Goes Near Ali-Shemima

Shemima of Date Rush – Ali’s date pointed out clearly and sent a warning to other Date Rush Ladies. She’s gonna bring out her Zongo behavior if any lady should go near Ali or DM him.

Shemima was a very brave to have acted very fast in sending a strong warning to all the ladies on the Date Rush show. This was because she realized the drama was just too much on the show.
Judging from things, it is clear that some of the young ladies from the show went behind bars to go after people’s date. Surprisingly some of the ladies are without shame as they boldly admit ever going out with people’s date from the show.
However, lovers of Date Rush are in support with Shemima when she disclosed ever going to deal with any lady who would make an attempt to flirt with Ali.
It is very obvious that the love between Ali and Shemima keeps growing each everyday. So therefore a word to the wise is enough.
Shemima never came to play on the date rush show at all but to find love so she is ever ready to protect darling boy Ali.


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