Razan Ayew and Kiki Ayew are the names of the two children of Ghanaian football player Jordan Ayew

Amongst the two youngsters, Razan Ayew is the female and the first child, whiles her brother Kiki Ayew comes second.

Not very often do we get to hear news about the children of Jordan Ayew, but at least we have identified their faces as a result of a number of family photos posted on the internet by their parents.

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Razan Ayew, also called Razy from our observations of the pictures of her shared so far, shares a similar resemblance with her father Jordan Ayew. The 8-year-old is an adorable girl as well, wears a beautiful smile, just like her daddy.

Kiki Ayew (Kian), on the other hand, has certain facial features of his father, but not that much like that of his senior sister Razan. Kiki was born on March 30, 2016, and he is 5 years old.

Below are some individual and family photos which capture the two children of Jordan Ayew.


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