See The True Meaning Of Your Name

Have you ever thought of finding the true meaning of your name which was given to you by your parents? See the true meaning of your name.

Imagine human beings had no names in this world. I guess you are saying that would have been really tough since calling someone in the midst of a number of people for instant without calling his or her name wouldn’t be an easy task.

Name, we know is an identity given to places, things and persons. As human beings, name which serves as a form of identity to us may sometimes have effect on us.

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Have you ever thought of finding the meaning of your name which was either given to you by your parents or someone else?

The names we carry play a major role which may either lead us to failure or success in life.

This should show us how careful we must be when selecting some names for ourselves, friends or wards.

Many people do not know the meaning of their names nor talking about they knowing the impact it has or it will have in their lives but this article here has a list of names in alphabetical order with their true meanings.

See the true meaning of your name;

Names and their meaning 

Albert _ Noble

Abigail _ Father’s joy

Agnes _ Pure/Holy

Alfred _ Good counsellor

Anita _ Gracious

Allen _ Cheerful

Alice _ Noble

Abraham _ Father of nations

Angelina _ Messenger of God

Amos _ Burden

Anthony _ Strength

Augustina _ Treasurer

Angela _ Messenger of God

Andrews _ Warrior

Armstrong _ Stronger

Bernard _ Brave

Benjamin _ Son of peace

Beatrice _ Bringer of joy

Benedicta _ Blessing

Belinda _ Beautiful

Bright _ Intelligent

Bernice _ Bringer of victory

Betty _ God’s promise

Barbara _ Stranger

Cindy _ Light

Charles _ Free/strong

Charity _ Morally good

Clara _ Brightness

Christopher _ One who holds Christ

Comfort _ Comfort

Cynthia _ goddess

Cecelia _ Blind

Clement _ Merciful

Christabel _ Follower of Christ

Clifford _ Lordly

Cephas _ Rock

Collins _ Victorious army

Daniel _ God is my judge

Diana _ Judge

Dorothy _ Gift of God

Daniela _ God is my judge

Dorcas _ Deer

Doris _ Gift of God

David _ Beloved

Desmond _. Prosperity

Dennis _ Treasurer

Dominic _ Belonging to the Lord

Douglas _ Thoughtful

Ebenezer _ How far God has brought us

Edna _ Pleasant

Ellen _ Light

Edward _ Guard

Elizabeth _ Promise of God

Emelia _ Hard worker

Elijah _ Faithful to God

Enoch _ Dedicated

Esther _ Queen

Erica _ Rich

Eva _ Life

Evelyn. _ Happiness

Edwin _ Rich friend

Eric _ Rich

Ernest _ Serious

Evans _ Warrior

Francis _ Free

Fred _ Peace

Faustina _ Good luck

Franklin _ Free

Florence _ Flourishing

Felicia _ Happiness

Felix _ Happiness

Freda _ Peace

Faith _ Belief/trust

Francisca _ Free

Gilbert _ Bright

Gladys _ Happy

Gifty _ Gift

Gloria _ Glory

Grace _ Grace

Godfred _ Peace

Godwin _ God’s friend

Gabriel _ Man of God

Gideon _ Destroyer

Godson _ God’s son

Henry _ Home ruler

Herriet _ Home ruler

Hannah _ Gracious

Harrrison _ Home ruler

Hilda _ Battle

Hagar _ Immigrant

Issac _ Laughter

Ivy _ Plant

Ishmeal _ God hears

Isabella _Promise of God

Janet _God is gracious

Jason _ Healer

Jennifer _ Love

Joseph _God will give more

Josphine _God will give more

James _Compensate

John _God is gracious

Joyce _ Happy

Juliet _ Humble

Joshua _ Salvation

Justice _ Just

Jessica _ Rich

Judith _ Praises

Kelvin _ Gentle

Kersia _ Beautiful

Kate _ Pure

Kingsley _ Prince

Kennedy _ Bold

Lawrence _Peace setter

Lawrencia _Peace setter

Leonard _ Brave

Liticia _ Joy

Linda _Doubtful

Lily _ Flower

Lydia _ Good


Martin _ Bold

Mary _Blessing

Micheal _who is like God

Matilda _ Battle

Maxwell _ Dweller by spirit

Mavis _ Joy

Millicent _ Strength

Margret _ Precious

Moses _ Taken out of water

Miriam _ Blessing

Noah _ Rest

Nelson _ First

Nora _ Divine strength

Nancy _ Grace

Naomi _ Pleasant

Norbert _ Brightness

Olivia _ Anointed one

Oscar _ Divine power

Obed _ Servant of God

Ophelia _ Helper

Philip _ Beloved

Peter _ Rock

paul _ Small

Paulina _ Little

Portia _ Beautiful

Priscilla _ Princess

patience _ Patience

Perpetual _ Everlasting

Patrick _ Noble

Philomina _ Beloved

Raymond _ Protection

Rockson _ Rock

Raphael _ God’s medicine

Richard _ Leader

Robert _ Bright

Ransford _ Peace

Rose _ Flower

Rosemond _ Protection

Ruth _ Beauty

Seth _Compensation

Samuel. _ God heard

Sarah _ Princess

Sandra _ Helper

Selina _From heaven

sophia _Wisdom

Stanley _ Firm

Simon _Obedience

Silvia _Maid

Stephanie _Protection

Solomon _Peace

Stephen _Fit to wear crown

Shilla _ Shining

Thomas _ Doubtful

Theresa _ Love

Theodora _ Gift of God

Timothy _Honouring God

Theophilus _Loved by God

Victor _Winner

Victoria _Victory

Vincent _Conquerer

Vivian _ Alive

Vera _Love

Vanessa _Star

William _Protector

Winifred _Peaceful

Wilfred _Peace

Wisdom _Wisdom

Yvone _Grace of God


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