Shemima of Date Rush Defies All Odds and Shake Heavily For Ali (Video)

The TV3 Date Rush couple Ali and Shemima are one of dates trying to make things work out. They are always enjoying and having fun together.

Recently, it was rumoured that Shemima’s husband warned her to return home and assume her responsibility as a mother. She was alleged to be a mother and wife before coming on the show.

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Videos of the man alleged to be her husband popped up on social media, where the man was narrating his story about Shemima. After this incident, Ali was really worried and complained about Shemima hiding her son from him. With this everyone thought that was they end of Ali and Shemima but they have proved critics wrong and still tagging along.

However, most people were of the idea that the relationship will end there but these two have defied all odds. Videos of the two having a good time together hits online with many reactions from people.

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Are they really in love or Ali is trying to get on Shemima for what she did? Let us Know what you think about these two.

Please click on the link below to watch the video


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