The Health and Spiritual Benefits of Nunum Leaves

The Health and Spiritual Benefits Nunum Leaves

Nunum health benefits

Nunum is a green leafy plant which has many health benefits with a high form of curing disease. It is popularly known in Ghana as the name above. It is said to have a vase form of benefits that it offers the body when used. Also known as the scent leaf due to it sweet smell.

The Health and Spiritual Benefits  of Nunum Leaves

Most people do not know the importance and usefulness of most of herbs in Ghana. Other countries are not fortunate to have such herbs but we are but we should be able to make good use of our medicinal herbs. This is one popular herb you can find at the backyard of most households in Ghana. It is a homegrown plant.

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Its health benefits include;

  • Firstly, improves eyesight
  • Secondly, lowers blood sugar levels
  • In addition, it aids digestion
  • Improves heart health
  • Treatment of respiratory problems
  • Good for wound healings
  • Good for oral hygiene
  • Most Importantly, improves reproductive health

On the other hand, Nunum also it’s own spiritual benefits or protection it gives to we humans. It is has it that when you mix “nkasei nkasei” with nunum and whintia, it reduces the pains of sexually transmitted disease. This also serve as a form of barrier for attacks against your life spiritually.



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