Two SHS Girls Caught On Camera Seriously Twerking in Uniform (Video)

Two SHS girls caught on camera having a twerking challenge

It has always been known that students in single gender schools don’t get the chance to enjoy certain opportunities. As compared to the mixed gender, where there they get mingle with each other, thus the opposite genders.

Recently, it has been seen that several unacceptable behaviours are being recorded in the Senior High Schools in Ghana.

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Few week ago, a trending video of SHS students forced to b@ng on the floor in the form of a punishment went viral.

Looking at all these occurrences, one cannot specifically give the cause of this incidents.

Today, trending online is a video in of two female students captured on camera having a twerking challenge. The students were seen dressed in their school’s outing wear for which most netizens are suggesting they are from ABUSCO.

While these students are expected to learn good lifestyles from school before stepping out into the society, this is what we see instead.

Students need to learn how to be responsible at all times. That is a stepping stone into their future. Also, they need to be very mindful of what they do on social media as it could affect them.

Teachers must also instill discipline in students to reduce these occurrences. The future depends on these young ones. And if this is what they care to do while still in school, then we need to get very careful.

Watch the video below;


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