Video: Fatima Date Rush Shows Some “Crazy” Dance Moves On Stage

TV3 Date Rush shows on every sunday evening and in Sunday’s episode saw a switch to girls behind the rush.

As usual, the show started with contestants coming up on stage to exhibit some dancing skills. As it was the turn of females to be behind the rush and get a date. However, they all did the needful by showcasing some dance moves.

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Fatima date rush, a household name who has been made from the show pulled off some “crazy” dance moves today. Honestly, no one saw this act coming because in the previous episodes she took it cool with her dance moves.

She really danced and placed herself on the floor as well to show how excited and energetic she was today. This has generated different fun reactions from all interested in the date rush show and the Fatima brand as well.

Watch the dance video of Fatima date rush below;


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