“Whatever I do puts food on my table, that of my son and my mum” – Akuapem Poloo reveals

Akuapem-poloo and son

Brand influencer and actress, Akuapem Poloo has shared some information with the public on why her life resolves about drama or controversial situations. According to her, without those drama and controversies, her means of earning money will be difficult because the drama kind of life put food on her table.

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It was through this drama life, she got into the limelight after a video of her got unto the internet. It went viral and was trending on social media platforms. We can all the attest to the fact that Akuapem Poloo is most often in the new ever since she got into the limelight. Recall when American female rapper, Cardi B visited Ghana, her n@ked photoshoot with her son and many more.

During an interview on Hitz FM’s Day Break with Andy Dosty, the actress talked more about how the drama has made her popular and has made her a brand that many people want to work with. According to her, the more the drama, the more deals she gets and make money.

“Drama has brought me this far. It helps me so much, without drama I can’t live. I get a lot from being dramatic, I get a lot of deals to sign.”

“This is because the energy I use to advertise is so dramatic, it gets people’s attention on the product and people buy it.” She said.

She also admitted staging certain publicity stunts just to trend to achieve certain goals. “I have indulged in social media acts that were all planned to achieve a certain goal at the time,” she added.

Akuapem Poloo indicated that the drama life helps her lot because it drags attention to her and money and as the only child, she has responsibilities.

“I need the attention. I need it, it helps. The more I trend the more my market boost, if I draw back on that it is going to worry me a lot. Whatever I do puts food on my table, that of my son and my mum,” she said.

Talking about her family, she said “I am the only child, I have a lot of responsibilities so I need to work hard. Work hard as in not stealing, or doing bad things to get money, but I am just fooling on social media to get food to eat and to make my family look good and make my son look happy“.


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