Yawa Moment Ama Made Black Sherif Send Momo To A Wrong Person

Ghanaian trending artist, Black sherif has mistakenly sent money to a wrong person.

Black Sherif’s intention was to send momo to a number given to him by a young girl which might be her little sister. But unfortunately for him he entered a wrong number which means he sent the money to the wrong person.

In the hilarious video what one could see the “Kwaku Frimpong” hitmaker blaming Ama for not calling out the right number. Ama who is also seen defending herself insisted the artist did not follow the right procedures.

Black Sherif further told her little sister to pray the money doesn’t get into the wrong hands. The message which popped up on his phone appears a money has been transferred to the number given out.

Yaw Tog, a colleague in the ‘game’ with the musician was also in the video behind Black sherif. He kept on laughing throughout as he observes the funny drama between Blacko Sherif and Ama.

Watch the video below;


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