7 Diminutive Ghanaian Movie Stars Who Didn’t Allow Their Size To Ruin Their Dreams

There are these diminutive Ghanaian movie stars whose great talents showcased in movies featured in have got them to become great names in the industry.

Although they sometimes get teased because of their heights, these stars haven’t been broken by what people say about them but all they do is to accomplish their dreams as actors and actresses.

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Also, listening to stories of how these diminutive Ghanaian movie stars were able to get the chance to make it into the movie industry through to this stage because of some movie producers and directors rejecting them due to their height, is more a sad and touching story to hear.

But through all, their size never ruined their dreams of becoming popular actors and actresses and this perhaps is a motivation to the others who look up to them.

Below, we look at seven (7) diminutive movie stars in Ghana who didn’t allow their size to ruin their dreams.

• Don Little

Diminutive Ghanaian Movie Stars

Don Little’s real name is Stephen Atanga. He first started featuring in Funny Face’s “Cow & Chicken” series and through that gained prominence in the industry and now featured in movies produced in Kumawood. He is also into comedy skits as well and directs himself.


• Yaw Dabo

Diminutive Ghanaian Movie Stars

Yaw Dabo is one of the diminutive actors in the Kumawood movie industry whose talent has overwhelmed Ghanaians. He was born Samuel Yaw Dabo and is a Kumawood movie actor.


• Adwoa Smart

Diminutive Ghanaian Movie Stars

Adwoa Smart, a Ghanaian actress is widely known for starring in Efie Wura series in Ghana. She is very popular and was born Belinda Naa Ode Oku.


• Joe Shortingo

Diminutive Ghanaian Movie Stars

Joe Shortingo also known as Americana, started off his acting career many years ago. He has also featured in numerous Kumawood movies. He is known to be fluent when it comes to speaking English and his real name is Joseph Pamfo.


• Wayoosi

Wayoosi better known as Joseph Nana Osei is a Ghanaian actor whose appearance in many movies on the Ghanaian screens have been fun. He is a Kumawood based actor known for the popular local movie titled “Ma triki so.”


• Kompany

Mohammed Boniface known in the movie circle has Kompany, is one of the diminutive actors in Ghana with great talent and never allow their height to ruin their dreams.


• Amankwa Trump

Amankwa Trump is also an actor who has starred in a number of Kumawood produced movies and series as well. He is known as Prince Oteng Yeboah in real life, and he does his own comedy skits as well.


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