Nigerian Guy Rejoices Upon His Arrival In Ghana To Seek For A Better Life (Photos)

As the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. The decision of a young guy from Nigeria has publicly revealed how happy he is leaving the country. While some are leaving the shores of Ghana for greener pastures elsewhere, others are also happy to come here.

They believe it’s feel safe and comfortable here. Citizens from other neighbouring countries have also find their interest to move from their own country into Ghana.

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One of the neighbouring country whose citizens are mostly seen in the country (Ghana) is Nigeria. This with no doubt, this can easily be attested to. Most of our localities or communities have many of living here. It appears that, there are more who are yet to come into the country.

A young Nigerian guy who finally decided to join the others here made known his intention on his twitter. On his twitter page was photos which portrays he is at the airport to fly into Ghana.

He was very happy when he landed at one of Ghana’s airport and said goodbye to Nigeria.

@Blaqbonez as he is known on twitter in a caption stated in block letters, “BYE BYE” to Nigeria together with a photo. Ghanaians on twitter ask what they see here that attracts them into the country.

Check tweet below;


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