Bank of Ghana Exchange Rate

Are you finding it difficult knowing Bank of Ghana exchange rate today? No need to worry, we have put together BOG exchange rates from Euros, US Dollars, British Pound, Canadian and Australian Dollars and more to Ghana Cedis.

BOG regulates all activities when it comes to monetary activities and exchange rates in Ghana. Their exchange rates reflect what one will earn in the market when you convert a currency to the other. This article provides you with in-depth information on Bank of Ghana’s current exchange rate. You can use these rates to estimate your income and earnings.

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Before we dive into details of our main subject for discussion in this article, let’s first take a look at little history behind the Ghana Cedis currency.

Ghana Cedis (GHS/ GH₵) is the unit of currency of Ghana. It is the fourth historical and only current legal tender in the Republic of Ghana. One cedi is divided into one hundred pesewas (Gp). Ghana’s currency before independence was British West African Pounds. Between 1958-1965, our first currency after independence was Ghanaian Pound.

Later in July 1965, Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah introduced Cedis notes and Pesewa coins. These replaced the Ghanaian Pounds, Shillings and Pence. This currency was gradually phase out in 2017 for “Ghana Cedis” which became the highest-denominated current unit issued in Africa.

Bank of Ghana Exchange Rate Today

These figure you see below are not our own forged number but from the official website of BOG. In here, there are different currency units paired to Ghana Cedis. Below are the rates;

Currency Code Buying Selling
U.S Dollar USD 5.8532 5.8590
Pound Sterling GBP 8.1049 8.1136
Swiss Franc CHF 6.3788 6.3851
Australian Dollar AUD 4.3126 4.3180
Canadian Dollar CAD 4.6316 4.6363
Danish Kroner DKK 0.9312 0.9320
Japanese Yen JPY 0.0533 0.0533
New Zealand Dollar NZD 4.1732 4.1785
Norwegian Kroner NOK 0.6771 0.6775
Swedish Kroner SEK 0.6795 0.6800
S/African Rand ZAR 0.4136 0.4138
Euro EUR 6.9237 6.9305
Yuan Renminbi CNY 0.9090 0.9094
BCEAO XOF 94.6479 94.7408
Dalasi GMD 8.7228 8.8519
Ouguiya MRO 60.9621 61.1328
Naira NGN 70.1832 70.2686
Leone SLL 1752.7538 1789.5706
Ecowas WAUGHS 0.0497 0.0497


However, these rate you see above are not static, it changes on daily basis. BOG website computes the daily exchange rates submitted by all banks in Ghana based on all US$/GH¢ transactions before 2:00pm each day.

These data includes all daily transactions with their clients as well as on the interbank market that have nominal values of US$10,000 or more. The data submitted by all the banks is used to compute the weighted average exchange rate.

Importantly, the weighted exchange rate is published on the BOG website, as the closing rate for the day’s transactions.


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