Beautiful Photos Of Ella Date Rush Rejected By Sammy

Ella Date Rush showed up on Sunday’s episode of the date rush show on tv3 with high hopes of searching for love.

But unfortunately she ended up walking off the stage without a date. This was because she had interest in Sammy who turned her down. He wasn’t triggered with any connection so rejected her offer.

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Ella Date Rush is a rising model and entrepreneur. She later disclosed on the show it’s no big deal for her to feed her boyfriend when he is broke. This was because she used to do that for her ex.

She came unto the show with the Ella Diamond and aside her Diastema which got the guys blushing all over her, looking at some photos of her Ella will make you rethink on her decision to walk out without a date.

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Have a look at these beautiful photos of Ella Date Rush rejected by Sammy.


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