Sammy KNUST Breaks Heart on TV3 Date Rush Show

Sammy KNUST is one of the male contestants on TV3 date rush trying to find love. His was probably known before this date show. He got popular due to a broken heart he suffered from a lady called Nana Ama in years back which broke onto the internet.

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With Sammy’s appearance on the date Rush show currently, he has become one funny but exciting character. For Season 5 episode 7 of date rush, he did an unimaginable thing that seemed to be an eyesore.

As everyone is fighting to find a date, Sammy KNUST who got himself a date, Ella Diamond but rejected it. To our surprise, he rejected that offer and this shows he broke her heart. His reason was that he didn’t feel any kinda of a connection. He wanted her to choose Rockson of date rush instead of him which she refused.

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This got Ella Diamond off the show without getting who her heart desires. She had to walk away without any date.


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