Ghanaian Celebrities Who Support Chelsea

Chelsea Football Club is one of the most supported English teams in Ghana. There are footballers from this Ghana who have played for Chelsea before. However, with their influence, the team has received massive attention from Ghanaians.

Michael Essien is among these players who have played for the Chelsea teams and is one reason Ghanaians Chelsea. For the Chelsea fanbase that we have in Ghana, they comprise of not just normal individuals but public figures and Celebrities as well.

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All these people show love and support for the team repping jerseys, being in heated arguments challenging and supporting their teams. Mostly importantly, sharing photos of their favorite players from the team.

The rate at which Ghanaians Celebrities are publicly disclosing how they love the Chelsea team is quite alarming. We’ve seen some of them pray for the teams on their personal handles, shared photos wearing Chelsea Jersey and among other discussions with their followers.

This article is to show ten (10) Ghanaian Celebrities Who Support the Chelsea Football Club.

  • Amerado


  • Opanka


  • king Promise


  • Omar Sterling


  • Strongman


  • AMG Armani


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