Obuasi SHS Students Invent Smart Ballot Box To Prevent Multiple Voting. See Full Details

Students of Obuasi SHS, an Ashanti based school have come out with a smart box to help address challenges including multiple voting during elections in the country. The ballot box according to the students displays the total number of eligible voters and prevent them from voting twice.

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According to the students, the smart box has two compartments; the part that takes the paper from the voter and the box itself. The paper compartment has a roller made with PVC pipe, a gear motor and a sensor. These materials will help to detect the voter’s closeness to the box. The paper compartment is programmed to take only one paper. It is also activated to the voter to cast his or her vote when he or she is 40cm away from the box.

When the ballot paper is placed on the surface of the box provided, the system will automatically take the ballot paper and drop it into the box. It will also count it as one and display it on a screen for public viewing. The whole process continues throughout the elections.

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