Ephraim Amu, The “Yen Ara Asaase Ni” Song Composer

Ephraim Amu, The “Yen Ara Asaase Ni” Song Composer.

As a patriotic citizen of Ghana, it’s very necessary to know the great personalities behind our popular patriotic songs.After a thorough observation made by Edem Trends Gh, “Yen ara asaase ni” which is one of Ghana’s most enjoyable patriotic song is often sang or heard in institutions like school and also during national occasions however many Ghanaians do not know who exactly compose the song. In this article, we will be telling you about one of the greatest music composers in Ghana.

Ephraim Amu

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Well, some might have heard his name since his name is a popular one. But have no idea about he being the composer of the song.
Ephraim Amu who was born Ephraim Kwaku Amu is the voice behind this great song. He was born at Peki-Avetile(also known as Abenase) in the Peki traditional area of the Volta region. He had his education at Peki Blengo E.P Middle School, where he gave much attention for music and agriculture.

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Sarah Akoram Ama was the mother to Ephraim while Stephen Amuyaa was also his father with the name Stefano.
Do you know that aside “Yen ara Asaase Ni ” Ephraim Amu has other songs like “Asem yi di ka”, “Alegbegbe Mawu l) xexeame”? If no, then these are also some of his songs.

Lets celebrate one of our own, Ephraim Amu. We will always remember him for his patriotism.



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